Weekend randomness...

So what you have been up to? Hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as i did. It was soooooo good to relax and do almost nothing...specially since i have been a bit ill these last days. Fever, sore throat and headaches again:S I think that not getting totally ok, before starting to work again as a lot to say here. I hate staying home and being sick so i don't do that very often*LOL*
I actually managed to make 2 LO's and 1 and a half card this weekend*smiling*
I will add these soon,i just have to finish the other half of the last card;)

Now i have to run and taste the apple pie which i took out of oven some minutes ago. Don't you just love warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream and a bit vanilla sauce?


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Noel said...

Did you say Apple Pie!? YUM!!! Hope you're feeling better these days! :)