in the jungle of presents

Have you bought all your chrsitmas present already? Well, good for you!
I'm late as always. every year I tell myself that I will start early next year and every year I start in end of november.. in december.
I'm a hopeless case Smiley from
Well I have bought a little thing to my sis Katrin and some little things to Victoria.
We're planning to buy WII to her..and a bit to us... but we'll see. With WII or without, she'll still get some little presents
I have been surfing around a bit and found these little families, houses and etc. I fell in love right away and now Victoria will get her first family with some kitchen furniture. I hope this will be something she will like and there will be possibilites to buy a house, some other families and stuff later.
Here's the family and kitchen stuff i have ordered:

P.S! Still feeling me pretty crappy :(