my first art impressions card

Thought that it would be a fun card to give my aunt who has birthday in august. She's not that old, it's ment as a joke and luckily for me, she owns a sense of humor, so i don't think she will mind:)
Made a LO too, but since is raining outside and i'm not getting an ok pic of it inside, i will post the LO tomorrow ;)

Kung FU Panda

So we just came back from the cinema and watched Kung Fu Panda. I really wanted to see this and it was so much fun. Even if you don't have kids you will love it
I was excited to see how Victoria will hold out, since this was the first time for her to be in a cinema, but she was really great.
She sat quiet the whole time, ate popcorn and watched the movie.
We had a really good time and i will definitely buy this film on dvd, so that we can watch this once more, hihi

A christmas card

Yeah i know you think that it's too early for christmas cards? But well, i had this little guy coloured since last christmas and i really wanted to use him on a card so here's a simple christmas card:

Down the memory lane

Just wanted to share some photos of our last year holiday in Estonia:

happy sunday

three new cards from me with stamps from Magnolia, hÄnglar & stÄnglar, Melissa Frances and Stempelglede.

ESTONIA, here we come!!!

Finally we have managed to book the ferry tickets and in about two weeks i can see my friends and family ...yipppiii....  I miss them a lot so it will be so good to finally see them again.
Thank god for internet and MSN and that my mom learned how to use it, so that we can communicate as much as we do. 
Calling almost every day would cost a fortune.
I also love those little chitchat's i have with my sis almost every evening...she always gets a smile on my face even when i have a lousy day. Thanks for this, Katrin..i love you a bunch

I thought that i would write more when i have free from work, but i have been home for a week now and no new posts. So boring am I.
The time is flying by and i'm in holiday mood's SO hard to get up in the mornings, so i usally stay in bed looong.
That's how the days fly, doing stuff at home and other things that didn't got done while i was busy working.
I will try to add some fun photos from the passed week tomorrow, but in the mean time, you can look this this little goodiebag that i made for some of the grown ups in Victorias playschool as a little Have a nice summer gift, since we're taking a vacation soon
Hope they'll like it!