Weekend randomness...

So what you have been up to? Hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as i did. It was soooooo good to relax and do almost nothing...specially since i have been a bit ill these last days. Fever, sore throat and headaches again:S I think that not getting totally ok, before starting to work again as a lot to say here. I hate staying home and being sick so i don't do that very often*LOL*
I actually managed to make 2 LO's and 1 and a half card this weekend*smiling*
I will add these soon,i just have to finish the other half of the last card;)

Now i have to run and taste the apple pie which i took out of oven some minutes ago. Don't you just love warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream and a bit vanilla sauce?


Missed me?

No i'm not dead, just been very busy and the blogg isn't the first thing on my mind after a long and busy day. The only thing i think about then is tv and couch... and just being lazy
We had a lot of fun in Estonia:parties and spending time with friends, family evenings, good dinners, shopping etc. So we managed to do a lot on our time there. On the way back we visited Moominworld and we had so much fun in there. It was totally worth visiting. Victoria was a bit shy and afraid in the start but after a while she even gave them some hugs. So if you know who they are and you have children, you should visit it..well even if you don't have children and you like them ;)
I'm adding some photos of our vacation. I took A LOT of them, but i'm not going to add all, just a few and a photo i took of a swan... it hink she/he was so beautiful that i just have to show this one.