Inspiration & Decorating

I have been sitting here for two hours now and looking for home decorating ideas.
We are planning to change a bit and buy some new funiture to our new house, so i thought it could be a great idea to look around online.
Will try to add some now and after pictures when we start the "makeover".

Found something that i really want. Love these letters made of wood and if i should be so lucky to find something like that somewhere, i will definitely buy one!

SOLD * hip hip hooray*

As some of you know, we bought a house in end of january and since then we have tried to sell our apartment. On friday we got a bit lower bid than we wanted, but we accepted it.
It feels good to not have to think about the apartment anymore.

blue monday

.... i think i got one of these "blue" mondays. I feel that everything is going wrong today and nothing i do, is good enough.
I am so tired and just want to hide me in my bedroom for some days. I'm tired of working, being around people, yeah pretty much tired of everything. I go around dreaming of some alone time, i really feel that i need it right now.
Trying to find some vacation/getaway tickets for us three, i just can't seem to decide where we should go. We're thinking about a weekend - max a week, in june, probrably in Europe, before we drive to Estonia, to my mom.
Well we'll see where we end up, lol!
I got the tree house kit in the mail on saturday, thank you Noel, for everything that was in the box Victoria was really happy when she got some sweets again and she sends you {hugs} . The kit is just adorable. :)
I have also recieved some wonderful tags from chabby chic crafts. She had a giveaway in her blog, and how lucky was i? They were as cute as i hoped, i can't wait to make a LO with them.
Unfortunately i have nothing to show you right now, i haven't done a thing... i have recieved so many new goodies, but i have no inspiration, ideas..nothing

Sunday ...

Have you seen this new beauty from Noel Mignon? This kit is called Three house kit and has the cutest colors which will match my last years summer photos perfectly. Yes, i know, i'm way behind with my scrapping, lol.
It's on the way to Norway to my mailbox already. Can't wait to get these goodies in my hand.
I do remeber that someone mentioned "shoppestopp", but i couldn't resist this yet another adorable kit from her If you like what you see, go and order it here

On friday it was Are's birthday. We didn't celebrate it with a big party and lot of guest, but there was a cake. I made an should definitely try this if you haven't tried it before.
Actually, i just wanted to send a biiiig hug from Victoria and me and say HAPPY BRITHDAY ...yet one more time.

I have some LO's that i have started with but haven't had time to finish, so the pictoures will come soon ... hopefully.

See ya

hello :)

I know, i know that i have said it before...but the time is just flying by lately. What's happening? We're already in the second week of april and i still feel like it was Christmas yesterday.
I have been busy, so i haven't had time to update my blog for some days now and to be honest, nothing much has happened, so nothing to write about...only work, home, cleaning house, and the usual everyday things...boring? i know
I have like a million things on my to-do list, all these things I want to and have to accomplish and then, surprise...i'm sitting here, behind the computer, just talking with my friends on msn.
I just said to my friend Kristi, that i have planned to scrap three albums as gifts, but i have no idea when i will be finsihed.
I have so many ideas in my head but i just don't know where to begin. Well, the best way to begine would probrably be to stop sitting here, lol!
I wanted to add a picture of my new planner which i recieved in mail today. It's so adorable
It's a bit bigger than i imagined, but definitely so much cuter that i accpected. Only thing that made me disappointed was that some corners of the pages were crinkled and so were the most of the indextabs, but i have already sent my complaints in the mail.