a new oldies card

Here's a new card i made with a golden oldie from art impressions :)
I have used a lot of glimmermist over the whole card, but since it's just so hard to get it on the pic you kinda have to believe what i'm saying;)
Have one more card i want to show you, but i'll have to wait til my friend recieves it before it can post it here.

Oops I did it again...

It's so easy to forget about this blog. I haven't updated since the start of the month and suddenly it feels so long time ago.
While life has seemed incredibly busy, nothing huge has happened I guess. It's mostly been work and enjoying the nice weather we have got. Trying to be most of the days out and and enjoying the time with our family.Smiley from millan.net
Well, the little guy whom i wrote about the last post has a name now, TASSEN!
He's just the cutest and we love him a lot:)

Will add some photos from last week:)

Our family has grown:)

Yesterday we got a little boy to our family.
He was born in mars and is just the cutest mini lop rabbit ever.
We're not sure about his name yet but we have thought about tassen!?!
He has been with us only one day but we're already in love Smiley from millan.net

Isn't he cute?

Happy Mother's Day, mom!

Today it's Mother's Day in Estonia and i wish we could be there with my mom, eating the cake and giving her flowers and just showing her how much we love her.
It makes something with you, when you're living far away from your family and you don't see them so often. It makes one feel, just how much you care for them, despite all the fights and arguements you might have had in the past.

We have sendt her flowers, with i hope will make her smile and hopefully we'll see each other in about 2 months.

Love you, mom