Well, i have decided to declare a shoppestopp for now, it means that there will be no scrappeshopping, before i have made 10 LO's. I have just been shopping a lot of PP and embellishments lately, without using any. 2 done, 8 more to go.
Here is another LO, with stuff from the kit. I'm totally in love with this kit ♥.
And i love this Apples Hazard Lace Cardstock from KI Memories. It matched perfectly these photos of Victoria's first day at day care. She was so excited and waited for this day to come. On the tags behind the photos i have written some journaling about her day. A crappy scan as usual, but you just have to live with it until i learn how to scan

a new lo

Here's my first lo, with my new kit i mentioned in last post. I will add some journaling on the white spot beside the photos, haven't got so far yet.
The scan is awful as usual, the colors are way better in real.

it feels like spring & my first scrapbooking kit

Spring is in the air! At least it's how i feel. There have been glimpses of it here and there. Birds are singing, it's dripping from the icicles under the eaves and we are being treated to another sunny day. The weather has been warm enough today that it felt like spring so now i'm just hoping for more days like that and no more snow, please.
And yeeiii ... i got my first scrapbooking kit today, Apple Blossom Kit from NoelMignon .
Love this kit and of course this fabulous kit is almost sold out, so if you want one, you have to hurry.
I can recommend this shop, have ordered from there severel times and the owner is really friendly and helpful. I'm just waiting to see the next kit she will come up with.
Can't wait to print some photos and scrap a little

So the holiday is finally over...

and i am glad. I feel that although we had it nice and cozy, it lasted a bit too long. I have been home for two weeks now and i could think to work a bit again.
So how was your easter? Did you got any present and sweets from easterbunny? Well i didn't, but Victoria was in heaven. She ate a lot of sugar during the holiday, so it will be no sweets and soda for some weeks now.
We stayed at Are's dad's place as usually, with the whole family...lot of kid's and grownups. It was nice to see everyone again, but in the end of it all, it was also quite good to come home again and get some peace and quiet.
Victoria loved staying there and playing all day long, not to mention driving the snowmobile. She really enjoyed it a lot. Everytime Are stopped the snowmobile, she started to scream..MORE MORE..hihi..she was so cute with her new goggles and helmet. Will add some photos of here in the end.
The weather was nice, lot of sunshine, but it was a bit cold
And last i wanna say HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little sister, who had b'day yeasterday. I hope you had a nice day and everything went as you hoped. You are very dear to us and we hope you like the present which is on it's way to Estonia.

Well the weekend is over and as usual it goes way too fast.
Luckly i have it free next week, and so does Victoria. We have easter holiday...jippii.. so tomorrow we will go "egg shopping", need some eggs that we can paint. No easter without painted eggs!!!
So yesterday we were in Finland..just shopping candy.. LOL...although we didn't do much there, it was good to get out a little.
Today i have been cleaning the house and trying to make some cards. I finsihed one and stopped there, because of a headache i have had a couple of hours now.
Don't have much more to say so i will just add some pictures i took on our way to Finland.

Thursday randomness

Well nothing special to write today. Victoria is home with me, since she has had a cold the last couple of days. I thought that it would be wrong to take her to kindergarten so we'll she how she's feeling tomorrow.
It was boring to sit home so we went shopping.( I have to add her that she hasn't had any fever since tuesday so i'm not that bad of a mom to take a child out when she is REALLY sick)
She got a puzzle and i got some clothes. I'm some hundred nok poorer, but i saved over 1300 nok, 'cause it's was on sale so, how cool is that
Will try to add some photos of Victoria to the end now. Love these pics of her, took them on the morning she turend 3 years old and before we went to kindergarten.

A day of celebration: a new blog and Victoria's B'day!

So I am finally getting around to updating my blogg, well actually making a new one. It's something that has been on my mind for quite some time, but first today i took myself together.
I will no longer update the other one i have and will try to wirte ofter in this one.
Last and definitely the most important is that my little baby girl..well not so much baby little girl has her 3rd birthday today! Gratulerer med dagen Victoria! Kjempeglad i deg! Palju õnne sünnipäevaks Victoria! Kallis oled!