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Happy New Year!

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year!Smiley from
I have had a little "vacation" or free from the work for two weeks now and from monday it will just be work again..blaaah...i'm not looking forward to that.
It was good to be home with Victoria and just relax and enjoy the holidays, with good food, beautiful was snowing a lot.. and a lot of presents.
One of the presents Victoria got was Nintendo WII and WOW how much fun it is.
One of mine was WII fit , which i wanted so much.
I LOVE IT .. i have trained/played it a bit and lost 1,1 kg with 6 days. I never thought that will actually work.
Yippiii...what a nice start to a new year and my goal to loose at least 15 kg til summer Smiley from
Will go and make a couple of cards now..long time since last one... bye