blue monday

.... i think i got one of these "blue" mondays. I feel that everything is going wrong today and nothing i do, is good enough.
I am so tired and just want to hide me in my bedroom for some days. I'm tired of working, being around people, yeah pretty much tired of everything. I go around dreaming of some alone time, i really feel that i need it right now.
Trying to find some vacation/getaway tickets for us three, i just can't seem to decide where we should go. We're thinking about a weekend - max a week, in june, probrably in Europe, before we drive to Estonia, to my mom.
Well we'll see where we end up, lol!
I got the tree house kit in the mail on saturday, thank you Noel, for everything that was in the box Victoria was really happy when she got some sweets again and she sends you {hugs} . The kit is just adorable. :)
I have also recieved some wonderful tags from chabby chic crafts. She had a giveaway in her blog, and how lucky was i? They were as cute as i hoped, i can't wait to make a LO with them.
Unfortunately i have nothing to show you right now, i haven't done a thing... i have recieved so many new goodies, but i have no inspiration, ideas..nothing

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Noel said...

oh yay!! I'm so glad it got to you!! I wanted to put more candies in there for her, but the shipping fee would go up and up, so i wanted to keep it within! :)