a bit quiet here

Sitting here with a cup of coffee latte and thought to write some lines, just to let you know that although it has been a bit quiet in my blog, i am still alive.
Last week has been a bit busy. We have started with Victoria's room, it's just painting left now. I was a bit sad when we removed her old crib, where she has slept since she was a baby and replaced it with a "big girl bed", as she calls it:)
Suddenly i relized that my precious little babygirl is not so little anymore.
Ohh well, she will always be my little baby for me.
This week has just been as crazy as the last one. Are has been away and between my work and Victoria, i haven't had much time left, so there has not been any stamping or scrapbooking *sigh*

Have a nice evening


Kats said...

so you've started with the renovation, yeees. u have to make some pics for me :)

ma ei tea miks ma inglise keeles kirjutasin. kui ma ära olin kirjutanud siis hakkasin mõtlema :D

Kerttu said...

the pictures will come ;)