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Now we're back form Estonia, actually been back for about 2,5 weeks now, but haven't had the time to sit down and blog about our vacation.
So finally, thanks to the fact that Victoria has had fever for some days now and we're home, doing pretty much nothing, i'll find the time to write a little about our trip.
Well, the first week of the vacation was a bit crappy one for me, since i was sick...lost my voice, had fever, yeah had everything that comes with the flu.
Was even in hospital and tried to find out if i had pig flu, lol!
Even though i was sick, we managed to drive to Riga and Jurmala and spend some time there. Love Jurmale, it's a very pretty small town.
The next three weeks were pretty much spending time with the family, a few parties, visiting friends,sunbathing on the beach etc... the usual.
I can say that we had a great vacation and i wish it lasted longer.I also wish that i could have spent some extra time with Gerli and Kristi. Although i saw Gerli a lot, i still feel it was too little. I'm lucky to have you as my friends, girls. ( Gerli has written about our "adventures" (read parties) in her blog so if you want to read, you know where do find it).
We spent a lot of time with my family, which i'm thankful for.
Big hugs and thanks to my sisters for looking a lot after Victoria, so that we could spend some time alone... something we do not get very often, since both families are living far away. Mine in Estonia and his all over the Norway, lol!

Here comes some pictures, as they say more than words:)
PS! They will come, just have to take them out of my cam first ;)

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Anonymous said...

oh jee, I wish too that they could spend more time in Estonia, but I hope that you can visit us in winter too.
pictures, jep, this pictures I hope that some day I can get this.
To Norway big hugs and greetings