What happened?

When i started to blog two years ago, i had a plan.
It was going to be a blog about our life here in Norway, so that our friends and family in Estonia could get a little insight to our everyday life. I planned to show some pictures every week and write at least three times a week.

Well... what happened you ask? You know, i've been asking myself the same thing. Now my whole blog is about making cards and scrapbooking, well not so much about scrapbooking anymore since i haven't been doing that for a while either.

I was wondering here if i should make me a blog for my hobby and one for our everyday or i will just have this one. I have been writing too little already, so i'm afraid that if i would have to update two blogs, i will not write at all anymore, lol.

We'll see what i find out. So long, i will try to write a post about random things which DO NOT include my hobby once a week. Sunday maybe..hmmm...

hugs from Kerttu


Kats said...

Like that idea much! Love.

mermaid said...

Sa nagu minagi, et scraping on tahaplaanile jäänud. Aga ma ikka püüan asja jälle käsile võtta.

Teie Norra elust loeksin hea meelega.