Thursday randomness

Well nothing special to write today. Victoria is home with me, since she has had a cold the last couple of days. I thought that it would be wrong to take her to kindergarten so we'll she how she's feeling tomorrow.
It was boring to sit home so we went shopping.( I have to add her that she hasn't had any fever since tuesday so i'm not that bad of a mom to take a child out when she is REALLY sick)
She got a puzzle and i got some clothes. I'm some hundred nok poorer, but i saved over 1300 nok, 'cause it's was on sale so, how cool is that
Will try to add some photos of Victoria to the end now. Love these pics of her, took them on the morning she turend 3 years old and before we went to kindergarten.

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Anonymous said...

Victoria on juba nii suureks kasvanud, kuid ime, et sa said teda pildistada
Kas need pildid on tehtud uue kaameraga või