So the holiday is finally over...

and i am glad. I feel that although we had it nice and cozy, it lasted a bit too long. I have been home for two weeks now and i could think to work a bit again.
So how was your easter? Did you got any present and sweets from easterbunny? Well i didn't, but Victoria was in heaven. She ate a lot of sugar during the holiday, so it will be no sweets and soda for some weeks now.
We stayed at Are's dad's place as usually, with the whole family...lot of kid's and grownups. It was nice to see everyone again, but in the end of it all, it was also quite good to come home again and get some peace and quiet.
Victoria loved staying there and playing all day long, not to mention driving the snowmobile. She really enjoyed it a lot. Everytime Are stopped the snowmobile, she started to scream..MORE MORE..hihi..she was so cute with her new goggles and helmet. Will add some photos of here in the end.
The weather was nice, lot of sunshine, but it was a bit cold
And last i wanna say HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little sister, who had b'day yeasterday. I hope you had a nice day and everything went as you hoped. You are very dear to us and we hope you like the present which is on it's way to Estonia.

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Kats said...

Avv, vickyst see akna peal tehtud pilt on niiii nunnu. Pead mulle ka saatma.